Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Our Dentist and Our Flowers

If we are lucky, we go through a stage in life when we recognize that for the first time, our new Dentist, Doctor, Preacher, Lawyer, Teacher, etc. are younger than we are.  And, as you grow older, you begin to realize that all  the people you do business with, are younger than you. We went to an older Dentist in Lincoln for some years after we moved back and then to his son for a few years. After the son developed health problems and was forced to retire, we were faced with finding a new Dentist. By that time we too were retired and decided to look locally based on friends' recommendations. 
A Dentist who sings with us in the Kiwanis Kitones was retiring about that time and told of a young man who was coming into the Dental Clinic as his replacement. He went on to say that this young man had been a patient of his since childhood and at an early age, decided he wanted to be a Dentist. We began our relationship with him and have never looked back. He is not only our Dentist but also a friend. He was raised on a farm in the same area of the "Bohemian Alps" where I grew up so we are familiar with the same locality.  He put a filling in a back tooth for me this afternoon. Matt and Char do an excellent job in making it a tolerable experience. Our pleasant visit helped. It's great to see a "local lad" come back home to be a successful DDS. The 53 years difference in our ages is a blessing rather than a problem. Some things like our care givers and azaleas are appreciated more as we age.

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  1. I, too, just had a similar experience with my dentist. He did not retire, he passed away. It was an adjustment that I was not sure of being comfortable with. I made several inquiries about the dentist in my local area and it was my physician who referred his new dentist to me. He is much younger, but knows his business.