Thursday, May 26, 2016

Good Time on a Stormy Day.

Brother Don called a couple days ago and made plans for getting together for lunch in Bee today. Gladys has family graves in the Dwight and Bee Cemeteries as well as in Seward so when they are up this way ahead of Memorial Day, we often meet somewhere for lunch. Don had called nephew Terry Soucek who lives in Bee so with Verlon being here with us, we had a "family reunion". After lunch and a lot of good visiting, we took this "selfie" by time delay. Elaine is almost hid behind Don but she is there. We drove past the farm where Elaine was raised on our way home. Verlon spent quite a bit of time with Grandparents out there when he was little.
The house and several of the buildings have long since been removed with only the Barn, Corncrib, and Windmill remaining.  By the time we took the picture a big cloud was coming up from the south that brought us some rain, hail and threats of tornado's. Seward never reached the storm level that hit Lincoln and much of southeastern Nebraska. Lincoln reported many streets closed because of flooding after heavy rains. So far, no tornadoes have been reported. We had no hail and just short of an inch of rain. We consider ourselves lucky.

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