Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Election on the Old Corn Planting Date

We were down to the Ag Pavilion early this morning to vote. There are 4 wards in Seward so attendents and facilities were set up at 4 locations in the big hall to accomidate the voters. There were 5 attendents  for each Ward. There were very few voters while we were there but also very little on which to vote. We made our marks for Presidential choice but it is meaningless. Our Congressman is unopposed in the primary election but there was competition for the nomination to the Nebraska Public Service Commission. In that race our vote may make a difference but I doubt it.
Elaine took my picture next to the Ag Pavilion as we left the building after voting. We had to do something to justify our trip beyond the visits we had with all the workers. We got home in time for Jack's visit. His being here helped counter any negative feelings we had from the election. There is concern though as to what lies ahead which will confront him and his generation. If he can maintain and further develop his cheerful personality,  it will be a big help in confronting any of the challenges that come his way. After the hazardous weather we narrowly escaped last evening, we felt pretty lucky today. There were tornadoes, hail and heavy rain in Lincoln and elsewhere around the area but we only had about 0.20" of rain.  There are storms around the area again tonight but not of the intensity we had last night. May 10th was always thought of as the ideal day to plant corn when I was a young farm boy.

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