Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Progress on Home Maintenance

Several good things happened at our house today. Soon after breakfast the "Home Appliance" repair man came, installed a switch in the control panel of the Maytag Washing machine and got it going. The H & S people were here soon after and worked on the Air Conditioner. It took them quite a while, but they got it going. They will be back to put in a new relay but we were happy to have the fan circulating the air. Verlon continued to check items off the list by fixing a wheel on the lawn mower and working with compost. We have composted our grass clippings and leaves during most of the time we've lived here.
I setup the first compost "bin" with woven wire in the northwestern corner of our fenced in back yard and filled it over the years. Then built another bin nearby. We have used the new bin for the past several years as the original one "matured". The new bin is now full so it is time to clean out the original one and begin a new cycle. Verlon used Carolyn's wheelbarrow to place some of the "well aged" compost over the exposed roots of the Maple tree in our front yard. He has placed more of it around the house and places we will seed grass. We do have facilities where we can store some and use it as needed.

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