Monday, May 23, 2016

Historic Interviews

Pat Coldiron is woking on an interesting project of interviewing some of us older Seward County "natives" and making the information available on a web site. The objective of the project is to provide 1st person memories of life in Seward County during the Great Depression and Drought years of the 1930's and beyond. Shown here are Jill Martin, Pat and Laurie Anderson who are helping her with the project.  Elaine and I were interviewed this evening. We were so talkative that the dilemma the ladies are confronting in the picture, is in freeing up additional recording time. Pat follows a prepared script for each of us that includes: What did your folks do for a living; What did you have for supper sometimes; Where did you go to school; Describe a day at school; and, What was going on in the world at this time.  Joint questions involved: How did you meet; Did you have a big wedding; What music was popular at the time; What type of work did you do; places you lived; cars that you owned; and What brought you back to Seward?.  She also brought up some things she already knew about us like: my keeping current in seeing games in all 30 of the Major League Baseball Parks, my history of keeping a Daily Diary and later a Daily Journal; my "Tony-The Crow's Nest" blog site, etc. They never found additional recording space so we are to go back at a later date to wrap-up the interview. My ending "punch line" will be, "Though we were poor people, Elaine and my parents both provided us with a very rich childhood."

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