Sunday, May 29, 2016

Remembering Family on Memorial Day

Peonies and Iris are normally the main flowers to use for Memorial Day. Our spring weather was such that the number of such flowers being available today was minimal; almost non existent. Elaine was able to find a few that we put in a vase of water and placed at the Vrana and Flowerday headstones. We didn't get our plastic flowers picked up in time last year so our supply of them was minimal as well. Elaine's family graves are scattered within the Cemetery but many of my family are in the same area. My Grandfather Joseph J Vrana died in 1950 and he and Grandmother's graves were decorated with a number of arraignments. The number of descendants within driving distance is a factor.
We put one arraignment at Aunt Ethel and John's tombstone. They had no children, and I am the only nephew living in the area. We also put a bouquet on Grandpa and Grandma Walker's headstone which also includes Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Bill. It is located in the oldest area of the cemetery and there were very few graves decorated. For several years we helped Aunt Ethel with putting flowers on her list of people. It was a learning experience because she had stories to tell about relatives we had never met. One that we also did with her was my Turner  Great Grandparents who had come over from Ireland and he fought in the Civil War.

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