Friday, April 1, 2016

Income Tax & April Fool.

I was awakened this morning nearly an hour before normal but it wasn't an April Fool trick. Elaine wanted to be sure that we made the 9:00am appointment with our Income Tax CPA. We spent about an hour with him with no surprises, but it's always a bit depressing. The weather didn't help. It was in the low 40's most of the day with chilling winds. The Spirea Arguta bush outside our kitchen window helped brighten the spirits. It's first blossoms came out 3-weeks ago and suffered through a couple snow storms, several heavy frost and continues to bloom. It's foliage is nice even after blooming. 
I came across this DVD yesterday while sorting through some that have been around for a long time. I have no idea where it came from but know it was some years ago. I put it in the PC and got classical music and an audio on how more could be obtained. However, It also provided a link to "slide show". I clicked on it and up popped a full screen showing of our personal pictures at about a 7 second interval. They were very random, and I have no idea of how they were selected. As Elaine and I were fighting off the Tax Blahs this afternoon, we played the slide show again and watched it for nearly an hour. It had different pictures today than yesterday. One included today was processed just a couple weeks ago and never put in any special folder nor used in any way. It's like April Fool on us.

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