Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Jack

Elaine took this picture of Jack after I had brushed his hair. He had already started his lunch and was a happy boy. This was one of his visits in which we didn't get down to the lower level to listen to a Polka record. He didn't get here until after I had gone to coffee but Elaine told of his getting on the Hobby Horse and having a good ride while I was gone. He got back on later but wanted me to sing "Pony Boy" and give him an extra "bump" on the "Whoaaa!!!!", my pony boy. His main attraction of the day was pulling a little toy around. Just as he learned to turn the Piggy Bank to make it easier to drop in coins, he also recognized that he needed to align the toy in the direction he is going to take it. He didn't always do it which would result in it upsetting. But, he knew what the problem was and would correct it. That seems to be an example of kids picking up some "common sense" from toys. 
Jack likes our house plan since he can travel out of the living room through the hall, go through the kitchen, the dining room and back to be out of our sight for a few seconds as he makes his rounds. I think he likes that "independence".  Sadie was along when Julie came to pick him up. She insisted on giving him a big hug, and they really seem to get along real well at this stage. Having had a big sister, I know the day will come  when that relationship will have some tension; but in my case, the advantages far exceeded the disadvantages.

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