Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Parents Courtship

Mother's Irish "spunk" shows here soon after she and Dad were married back in 1920. Though they went through some pretty hard times, she never really "lost it" during her 90+ years. She confided in some of us about how she and Dad met. It was at a Dance in Garland  where that had both attended along with siblings. Dad lived 4 miles north of Garland and Mother 4 miles south of the Folly Theater where the dance was held. Grandpa Walker was a very "stern" father and most protective of his oldest daughter. He had learned that "Florence" was being brought home by a "stranger" when her brothe's name, etc. She knew his first name was Tony but couldn't remember the last name. She knew it was a Czech name so she told her Dad that it was "Tony Clopeck". I don't know when the "truth came out" but it worked out real well.
She and Dad were married by a Justice of the Peace in Lincoln after a rather short courtship. Dad didn't always drive his Model T to visit her but told of his riding horse "single footing" the whole 8 miles back home. My sister, Vivian was born 3 years after the folks were married, and I came along for a 5th wedding present when Mother was 25. Dad's parents had both come over from Czechoslovakia and Mother's maternal Grandparents from Ireland. Her father was of German, English and Scottish background. Few of the 1st generation Czech married outside the nationality so their getting together was considered a "mixed marriage" in those days.

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