Sunday, April 17, 2016

Puzzles and Pie

Elaine and I worked on puzzles this afternoon. She continued to work on the 1,000 piece, jigsaw puzzle picture of the San Francisco Bridge and Bay.  I continued to work on the puzzle of why I can't print remotely from my laptop with my printer wired to the PC Computer in the lower level. She continues to work, piece by piece, but I have given up until I get a new inspiration or help. While visiting with Jon today, he says they are planning to be out in early July, but that will be quite a while to wait. Elaine not only did the usual household chores and fixed the 3 meals for each of us today, but also baked a Cherry Pie.
This is the first one she has baked for a while and we are looking forward to even having a small piece this evening before going to bed. We took it pretty easy today after our "work day" yesterday. We went to 10:30am Church and each time we do, we are reminded of why we prefer the 8:30am service. I got in my 1-hour exercise working in the yard after lunch. This seems to be a particularly good year for dandelions in our area. I have a long handled "digger" that works very well. I also have weed killer spray but have not used it because of expected rain. We did get 0.10" this evening.

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