Friday, April 15, 2016

Vrana Farm Auction, April 15, 1989

When April 15 is mentioned, most people think of it as the date that Income Tax Reports are due to be filed. One other major event in our lives on this date, was our Farm Auction back in 1989.  We have never questioned the decision  "to sell out" as being the right one as much as we have wondered whether we should have ever bought it. After 18 years in Washington, D.C. with a job back in Lincoln, there was an attraction to having a small farm and all the pleasures it could provide. What we didn't realize was how much time and work was required to keep it up. 
The 9 years that we had the place did provide an interesting Chapter in our lives and that of our family. My Dad may have appreciated the opportunity to get back on a tractor, trim trees, cut weeds, etc. as much as anyone. We met the challenge of growing, harvesting, and selling Certified Trailblazer Switchgrass Seed which helped meet the need for returning erodible land to Native Grass. We developed a beautiful fish pond and had a garden that produced ribbon winning produce for the County Fair.  Like other Chapters in our lives, it's well to make the most of them at the time and then move on.

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