Monday, April 18, 2016

New Organization in the County

Jonathan Jank, president and CEO of the Seward County Chamber & Development Partnership spoke to Kiwanis this noon. The SCCDP is a new county wide organization that combines the mission of several groups including the Seward Chamber of Commerce and Seward Area Economic Development which Jank has headed for the past 4 years. He introduced newly selected staff members including Todd Kirshenbaum as vice president and Sue McHugh as a marketing and events coordinator. Jonathan has sung with us in  Kitones for a number of years, and he brings excellent leadership and enthusiasm to the new organization. This enthusiasm shows through with the selection of Todd and Sue in key staff positions. Todd brings over 25 years of tourism,  marketing, development, and chamber experience
Todd demonstrated his sense of humor at the end of his short introductory comments when his last name was mentioned and someone asked him, "How do you spell that?" and he said, "T H A T". Sue talked about the Seward Clean Up Day that will be held this coming Saturday as well as the Lincoln Salt Dogs baseball team coming out to Seward to play a game. Our long standing First Impressions Committee which was a sub-committee of the Chamber, will be meeting with the new organization to see if and where, we may fit in. The group handed out a new "Seward County Visitors and Newcomer's Guide" that just came off the press.

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