Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kovar Estate Auction

I went down to the Helen Kovar Estate Auction this morning. It was in the Seward County 4-H building and conducted by Schweitzers. I had #144 which means a large crowd in that venue. Helen and her brother Joe lived together out on the farm NE of Garland where they were raised. Helen taught school for a number of years and moved into Seward following Joe's death a few years ago. Joe graduated from Garland HS where he won a letter playing basketball. He served in the Army during the Korean War and farmed until retirement. The auction was most interesting.
Joe and Helen were the only children in the Frank Kovar family. Their farm had been in the family for many years, and it was apparent that they were able to obtain many items and took good care of things. There were many old "Germantown" items which went back before WWI. The Newspaper pictured is a 1959 centennial edition of the Lincoln paper. There were 3 Teacher record books from the early '50's for the Blackwood Country School. They included the students attendance records, grades and notes on their progress. There were others that went back to the early '20's with much of the same information. I don't know the official disposition of such records but it seems unusual to see them on a public auction. There were many other items that typically get "weeded out" and thrown away in most families but were kept and brought a good price.

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