Friday, April 8, 2016

Major John W. Cattl;e

Col Jerry Meyer and Mary hosted the Seward Magazine Club last night at the new Nebraska National Guard Museum. Col. Meyer has done an excellent job leading the effort over the last year or so in converting the Armory into a Museum. He displayed pictures, uniforms and examples of dress worn by the Afghanistan's during his two tours of duty in that country. He also told of the native food and drink and the significant differences from our American food and drink. Mary prepared a very tasty dessert that was a "take off" from some of the Afghanistan food. It was served in the Major John W. Cattle Exhibit Area at the entrance of the Museum. The Cattle family and the Cattle National Bank and Trust have sponsored the Area as a tribute to Major Cattle. It was appropriate that our group was the first to utilize the Area since his daughter and son-in-law are involved in the Club.
 Major Cattle served with valor during WWII and had the distinction of leading his command across the Ramadan Bridge over the Rhine River into Germany. He was recognized with a Bronze Star and other honors. John died some 15 years ago and his widow and family are most pleased to be able to recognize him locally in this manner. He was an excellent example of the "Greatest Generation" and came back home to lead the oldest 5 generation bank in Nebraska.

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