Tuesday, April 5, 2016

House Memories

This is the east side of the Marxhausen house located at the corner of Columbia Ave. and Lincoln St. in Seward, NE. Reinhold and Dorris have both passed on and the family has given the place to Concordia University. Reinhold was a nationally known artist and a long time professor at CU. The house is located at the edge of the campus and plans are to build a Center for Liturgical Art on the site. Dorris was a long time "community activist" before the term became popular. I served with her on several committees, and she could always be counted on to come up with unique ideas. She and Marx both contributed considerably to making Seward a better place by their abilities and insights. It is very appropriate that they can be memorialized in such a manner.
This lower picture is of the Cliff Maltby house located just to the east of the Marxhausen place. The picture shows the west side of the house. Elaine and I rented an apartment in this house at the time we were married. It was only a small living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The lower level window shown was our bedroom window. Without air conditioning in those days, people slept with their windows open. Elaine and I were married on the 5th of June and spent our wedding night in the apartment. Stan Matzke's lived in the Marxhausen house at that time, and Stan worked in Lincoln. He had his alarm set for about 5:00am that woke Elaine and I on that first morning after we had slept together. As I remember, we jumped out of bed and were on our Honeymoon trip driving my folks' car to California.  We never had an opportunity to thank Stan for getting us off to a good start.

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