Sunday, April 24, 2016

Flowers and Flowerday Iron Kettle

We have owned our home here in Seward since 1981. The Iris shown are a continuation of a planting that was here when we bought the place. We have done a lot of digging, dividing and replanting from the original source but this is part of it. Likewise the Euonymus growing against the house was here when we moved in. Elaine reminds me that she has pulled a lot of blue grass that tends to invade the iris. This has been a major problem as we  established a bed of iris in the back yard. I know there are chemicals that will kill the grass but I don't know the effect on iris. 
The Episcapol Church had their plant sale this afternoon. We got up for it and Elaine planted these four Geraniums in the old Flowerday iron butcher kettle, when we got home. Elaine doesn't know when her family my have aquired the kettle but  remembers it was always being there as a little girl growing up. We inherited it when her folks had their farm sale back in 1956. I drilled 3 or 4 holes in the bottom of it to keep the soil "alive" but put plugs in them at one time when Carolyn wanted to do some cooking in it for a party out at the farm. We used poles and chains to hold the kettle up off the ground as shown in this picture of Elaine and the kids soon after we got it. The old kettle not only holds Beautiful Flowers but it also holds many Happy Memories.

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