Saturday, April 9, 2016

Busy Spring Day

I had two objectives for today. One was to get the snow blower and lawn mower switched around in the garage. The second was to get a 2 inch Ash tree cut down that was growing into a roll of wire near our composting area. The first step in switching the two machines was to back both vehicles out of the garage. They hadn't been vacuumed out all winter so that involved Elaine, extension cords, etc. I used an old wire carpet beater to knock the dust off the floor mat pads. We used the leaf blower to clean out the empty garage.
 I never put the snow blower away for the summer without running it out of gas. That involves pumping as much as possible out of the tank. Then using starter fluid to get it running and setting it out to use up the gas. Then it was ready to be put in place for the summer. The Ash tree was the next project in the back yard. After trimming some Lilac bushes, I was able to cut the tree off above the roll of wire. then was able to cut it off at the base and move out the roll with some of the tree attached, out into the open. with a certain amount of prying the wire, and again cutting the wood, I was able to get it removed. Another season it would have be all grown  in. We got our exercise for the day and enjoyed sitting and watching the Masters at Augusta.

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