Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jack and LP Records

We continued Jack's money management training this morning when I got home from coffee. It was too windy for a bird lesson but he and Elaine worked with blocks, balls, etc. while I was gone. After finishing our money  101 lesson, Jack and I went down to the lower level and listened to an Ernie Kuceria Polka record. He holds up his hands and expects me to take hold of them and swing him around a bit when the Saddle Horse Polka comes on. He also has a couple favorite trucks that  he pulls of the shelf to play with. I fixed up a "tow string" on a Fisher Price wooden tractor but it doesn't have the same appeal as the brightly colored metal ones.
I felt it appropriate to pay respect to Merle Haggard, following his death yesterday on his 79th birthday and was able to pull out this one from our files. I don't remember when we bought our last LP record other than those brought home from auctions. Back in the 60's and '70's when the kids were around, the purchase of a new record at the "Gem" store took a significant part of our entertainment budget. I believe Tim started the numbering of our records which led to this index. The tabs indicate the listing by number, artist and category. We have only 1 of Merle Haggard's and it's #274 out of several hundred. It was easy to find.

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