Monday, April 4, 2016

Tall Basketball Players & Trees

The National Anthem is being sung ahead of the North Carolina-Villinova game as I begin this 4.4=16 blog page. The way Villinova looked against Oklahoma they have to be the favorite though I've always liked Roy Williams & NC. The story of the "brothers" playing against each other makes an interesting human interest story. We have had an exceptional spring for Bradford Pear blossoms. They were very popular years ago but vulnerable to wind damage and many were lost. We tend to think of all trees as having a "life expectancy" comparable to humans but that is not the case. Some trees live much longer and ornamental trees like the Bradford Pears are past their prime after about 35 years. These pictured are probably in the 40 year range. Often trees help to identify the age of a neighborhood. The removal of those past their prime and replaced by new ones, helps improve the vitality of an area.  At the same time if Oaks, Hickory and the like are planted and maintained, they add a lot of dignity to a home and improve the environment. NC 39-Villinova 34 at the half.

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