Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jack on his Horse

Jack has his Rocking Horse trained to where it gives him a pretty exciting ride. He likes to show his Mother and Grandmother how he can ride it through a fast gallop. Having him at our house for 2-3 hours; twice a week really gives us an opportunity to observe how much he learns from week to week. He is now to the stage of assigning names to people after having said "bye" and waving for some time. His ability to comprehend what is being said is remarkable. We haven't been able to keep up with our dandelion digging because of the 2 1/2 inches of rain we received during the past few days.
When I was leaving to go to coffee this morning, I saw that one had gone to seed in our front yard. As soon as I got home, Jack and I went out and were able to capture the seed head in our bucket. When he helps me dig them, he likes to throw them out into the street or driveway. He continues to develop his ability to throw a ball. (In fact he sometimes throws things that he shouldn't but he understands what discipline is all about.) Having Jack around helps temper the daily news. The two big stories today were the death of Prince at age 57 and Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday. While I was never a big Elvis Presley fan, I could relate favorably to much of his music. I must plead total ignorance to Prince's music. My relationship with Queen Elizabeth is much closer going back to Current Readers in High School. I remember the day she was crowned and hearing part of it on a car radio while working for SCS in Seward Co.

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