Sunday, April 10, 2016

Quirks of Nature and Politics

Dave Oates, retired from Nebraska Game and Parks, spoke at the Seward Library this afternoon. Dave was involved in identifying various game for a  number of reasons. I have heard it said that he was one of the top 5 individuals in the country that were used in making identifications for law enforcement. During the last several years of his career, he preserved and retained some of the "freaks of nature" that came his way. This is an unusual deer foot that he is holding. Some of his pictures were a bit gruesome such as a calf with one eye in the middle of its head, a rabbit with 4 ears and a ring inside a fish. Some of the items were pulled out of a bucket filled with alcohol for preservation. He also showed several sets of antlers that were most unusual. His presentation drew a big crowd.
Later in the afternoon, we participated in the Seward County Republican Convention at the Civic Center. Shown here are State Senator Mark Kolterman, a Seward Native, and County Chairman, Dr. Brent Royuk. J. L. Spray, Lincoln Attorney and a National Committeeman reviewed the process used by various states in selecting delegates to the National Convention to be held in Cleveland, OH. We selected 4 delegates and an alternate, at this meeting to participate in the State Party Convention where 33 of the 36 Delegates from Nebraska will be selected. Mr. Spray and 2 other Party Officials are already slated to make up our State's delegation. It was interesting to hear of how the process "unfolds" when none of the Presidential Candidates have the necessary number of Delegate votes after the first or even the 2nd round of balloting. It appears that this Presidential election will help many of us become more familiar with the process that leads to names of the November ballot. We hadn't been to a party county convention for many years but appreciated learning more about the process.

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