Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Family Connections

Our Internet connection and land line telephone were down much of yesterday. They did come back up during the evening after we had called Windstream to report the problem during the morning. This morning a service technician came to check on it and installed a new DSL modem. We visited during the process of the installation and found that he is the youngest son of Art and Margaret and lives on the farm out in the Bohemian Alps where his Dad grew up. I grew up just a half mile south of his place, and we were close friends over the years. This picture was taken in 1953 of the Garland Baseball Town Team. Art is at the right end of the front row. Art's brother Adolph is sitting next to him, then Whitey and I'm next followed by Les and Darrell. That was the same year that Art and I played with Seward in the Cornhusker League.While they are not very visible, Art's wife and Elaine are setting up in the bleachers behind the team. Being the youngest of Art and Margaret's family, Rick wasn't born yet at the time this picture was taken. It's a real treat to have a repair technician come to provide a service and also be able to renew old family connections.

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