Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pocket Knife Collection

Carrying a picket knife was "standard procedure" while growing up as a farm boy back in the '30's,  That practice continued for many years but was curtailed  by detectors. I haven't carried a knife during the past 8-10 years but still miss one quite often. Some of the most expensive knives in my collection were given to me as gifts. This was before I started playing golf and most friends knew I liked knives. Buck and Swiss Army Knives have always been my favorites. The middle, ivory handled knife in the lower left corner of the picture, may have been Dad's because of remembering that he had one like that for as long as I can remember. Interestingly, Elaine's Dad had one similar and could be the top one of that group of 3. When you work with fellows as much as I did with these two, you get to know them pretty well, including their accessories. With 3 sons, a Son-in-law, a Grandson, a Grandson-in-law and a Great Grandson, I should be able to pass them on. I believe that Ben and Verlon may be the only ones of the group, to carry a knife. I suspect that Jack would definitely want at least one, particularily the bright red ones. He had gone home by the time I got started playing with the knives but we did spent some good time together this morning digging dandellions, polishing shoes, playing with the Chicken toy & with the pull toy.

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