Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tastee Inn & Out

Tastee Inn & Out had been in business as a fast food restaurant for 65 years when they closed in 2014. It is located at the NE corner of Holdrege Street and North 48th in Lincoln. The Clark Enerson Architectural firm has drawn plans and  Sampson Construction selected by the Developer to design and construct a multipurpose building on the site. It will have retail businesses on the ground floor and something like 100 housing units in the upper 4 floors. The development area will cover a full city block.
During the 4 years we lived in Lincoln when our 4 kids were small, this was one of our favorite stops. Actually after we moved to Virginia and came back to visit relatives and friends, we would  go there for "Old Times Sake". We were in Lincoln today and noticed other places that have replaced old familiar businesses. The only thing worse than seeing the old places demolished is to see them set empty and rot away. Since Tastee Inn closed  in 2014, that has been a concern. We have our memories, our pictures and hopefully some written stories about Tastee Inn and will look forward to seeing the new structure. The architectural firm and construction people are the same that built our Seward Library and we were well pleased.

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