Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Boots

We hadn't been back to Nebraska long before I felt it necessary to have this pair of Western Boots. I put the most mileage on them during the 2-3 years that Elaine and I belonged to a Square Dance Club back in the mid-'80's. I also wore them to some of the SCS Lincoln Retiree's social events. I don't recall ever wearing them to work though it may have been appropriate while working on the "Sandhills Study". I pulled the box they came in, down off the closet shelf this morning and haven't had them on during the past several years. We are planning to have a garage sale in early June and they may be on it. It was a rainy day so we spent most of the morning working with shoes and things from closets. I also pulled my old "work boots" and "snow boots" out of another closet. The two pair have seen a lot more use than the Western ones. I used the snow boots only once this past winter cleaning off the driveway. 
 We didn't have very much snow so they didn't get much use recently . I have no recollection of when I last wore the work boots. They are Red Wings of very high quality. They were very important to me during the years we had the farm and I wore them while doing any heavy yard work. They are all size 13 and in excellent shape. I also pulled out an additional dozen or so other pairs of more "dressy" shoes. Times have changed, and I now wear SAS shoes to Church and while singing with the Kitones. I don't even wear my "wing tips" anymore. SAS shoes are more comfortable and hold up very well.

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