Sunday, April 3, 2016

'Tis Springtime

Our 82 degree temperature brought out the tulips and caused the Peonies to pop up several inches. It was a far reach from the weather we had just 48 hours ago when the high for Friday was in the mid-forties. We enjoyed the warm temperature today by spending some time out on the deck. We went to 8:30 Church this morning where there were baptisms and communion. We even met some folks during social hour that are relative new comers to Seward. Carolyn came down for a visit during the afternoon. Among other things, we talked about having a Garage Sale this spring. We have many things to pass on to people who may find a use for them. I did pull a book off the shelf of the computer desk this afternoon that will go to the recycle bin. It is: "Using your Gateway PC". It came with the Gateway setup that we bought back in 2000. It was a great computer, monitor, scanner, printer at the time but was replaced by a HP system in '07. Elaine used the Gateway and printer  for a year or so but it has long since found its way to a Seward Clean-Up Day. 

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