Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March, Out like a Lamb

Carolyn and Ben’s back yard has been become a garden and play center. Much of the raised garden beds are off to the side but this shows the Sadie play ground. It was a beautiful 80 degree day and we had the opportunity to visit this afternoon. The roto-tiller is one of Ben’s “machines” that he has used to prepare a “bed” for the railroad tracks that he is laying in the corner of the yard behind the swing. He had also acquired a tool to chop out some of the roots from shrubs that previously grew in the area. We seem to keep busy with some of the more mundane home owner task at our house. Today, that included applying fertilizer to the lawn and working on the garage door. It also included setting out on our front entry way this evening and enjoyed the Jonquils and Daffodils blooming along its boarder. The Climatis have peaked out to about 3 inches in height at this time and will grow several inches a day before long. I also had the opportunity to show Elaine one of the Tai Chi moves that I learned from Bob at Therapy this afternoon. It’s not nearly as simple as the old Chinese made it appear when we were in China some years ago.

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