Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Show in Seward

Merle’s Garden Center is the welcoming attraction as visitors enter the Seward Spring Show at the Ag Pavilion. Earl always has a great booth and in addition to the flower plants he also has boxes of tomato plants. Our Kitones sang at 6:00pm to a small audience. We had about the same number singing as audience and probably enjoyed it about equally. We did walk up and down  the aisles later to see it all. The most interesting thing I saw was at the Seward Museum booth and was a framed picture that I had taken over over 60 years ago. It even included my old ’41 Chevy in addition to the Hinky-Dinky store. I have no idea of how that picture got “publicized”.
We have a bit of Spring Show right here at home with this Daffodil blooming out side our front door. We have had some real wide swings in temperature during the month. All the way from near zero to  90 degrees. On Friday, the 20th it went from 21 to 75 for a 54 degree swing. We were pleased to get a good rain during the week. It was less than an inch but helped the grass to green up. I bought a bag of “Weed and Feed” while getting gas at CO-OP this afternoon and will get it on the lawn over the weekend. I am having a bit of trouble concentrating on my writing while watching the Duke-Utah basketball game so will “sign off” and watch the game.

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