Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gardening Skills

I had already worked in our yard this PM when Carolyn called and asked us to come up and see their backyard. They have really turned it into a gardener’s paradise which also doubles as a playground for Sadie. Ben and Carolyn make a great team in the endeavor with her research and ideas and Ben’s ability to build things to bring dreams into reality. Sadie spends a lot of time with them during the week and the backyard is a great “learning labratory” for her. She is learning things every day that will be with her throughout her lifetime. She won’t remember where she learned many of these things but will know it’s just the way things should be done. She  enjoyed the
pleasure of seeing the tops of little green radish leaves in the row where she put seeds, covered and watered them. They had their potatoes planted on St. Patrick’s day but had some seed potatoes left over which they sent home with us. We dug up the area on the south side of the house where we had tomatoes last year and planted about a dozen hills. Elaine and I have spent some 80% of our lives together during which time we have developed an understanding of “how most things are to be done”. However, when we come to a task or a skill that we learned during those early years, we are still working out  “the way it should be done”. I admire her for believing that her Dad did everything right so we are still working on how to cut up potatoes. I wonder what Sadie and Her Husband will disagree on.

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