Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hughes Back Yard

Elaine and I were invited to take a break this afternoon and go up to see what Ben and Carolyn were doing in their back yard. After having some trees taken down they continue to “develop” it according to their current interest. A swing, kitchen, sink and play area for Sadie along with the Cold Frame, new compost bins and a significant garden plan are among the current interests. Ben is planning and building an outdoor train setting which Sadie will really enjoy. Carolyn and Ben are very compatible in their interest and have the ability to carry out whatever they plan to do. Their yard has been very much a part of their home over the years and now it is such an educational place for Sadie. Carolyn told today of Sadie looking for a red bucket she remembered having some time ago and couldn’t find. She seems to already know her colors. I believe she is in “pre-school” whenever she is in the back yard, possibly even in the basement.

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