Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sadie’s Visit Today

Sadie spent some time at our house today while Mother Julie and Jack went to Bible Study. This is the only picture I was able to get of her since she was busy with other things. She and Great Grandma had a big time while I was gone to coffee. She likes to play with my little model cars and seems to prefer the Volkswagen's. She likes those best with front doors that open. She was so full of energy and was inquisitive about everything, and was glad when Granddad came back from downtown, and then when her Mommie and Jack were back.  She had new sandals and a new swimsuit which she was proud to model for us.  It has been my practice to run my blogs through spell check and then have Elaine read them before posting. You might have caught the segment of this blog that she wrote. I’m attempting to get her more involved with the computer. Her brother Dale is in a hospital down in Nashville, TN and a Granddaughter of his writes a column on Caring Bridge.  She is learning to pull that up and I look forward to her helping more with a daily blog as times goes on. She has many family stories and would enjoy passing them on to grand kids. 

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