Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Civil War

I have no idea whether this picture had any influence of son Jon’s interest in the Civil War but it may have had. It was a  “Tin Plate” picture taken at Busch Gardens at Williamsburg , VA back in 1975. We were told that the shutter would be open for some time  so to look somber with an expression we could hold without flinching. It was a mini-vacation between Jon getting home from college and his starting a summer job. The day before I had taken him over to Winchester, VA where we met Bob Holmes, a Soil Scientist with whom Jon would be working. He would be making $3.00/hr. and we got him an apartment for $150.00/mo. We had a great time at Busch Gardens where we rode on all the rides, ate at the German Restaurant where Jon danced with the German girls. We went through the Museum and stayed at a Day’s INN and went swimming. We spent the next morning at the Pottery Factory and went home. John got his stuff , including our little TV packed up in the VW Beetle and went to his summer job in Winchester. I planted some shrubs that evening and we got ready to go back to work in USDA the next day.

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