Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ethan Bortnick coming to Lincoln

We watched Ethan Bortnick, the 12 year old composer, pianist, entertainer, in concert this evening on NET 1. They have a fund raiser with tickets available, etc in conjunction with his concert here in Lincoln on November 4, 2015. We have become more regular listeners of NET and PBS this spring than ever before. It’s just more our type of entertainment. We had a quiet day with going to Church early and spending much of the afternoon finishing my narrative of family activities in 2004. I incorporated pictures in the text and the 10,408 words covered 20 pages. Elaine proof read it and made some needed changes before the final printing. I have to justify the time I spend reading my Journal and writing it, with the enjoyment of doing it. I don’t expect it to ever become a “best seller”. Maybe someday Grandkids or Great-Grandkids might scan it and look at the pictures. In fact the way Sadie is thinking and talking, she will probably be able to read in another year or two. As we are around Sadie and see this 12 year old Ethan Bortnick perform, it appears that kids are a lot smarter at a younger age than I was. (Or am).

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