Wednesday, March 11, 2015

“The Earth is the Lord’s,,,"

Michael Forsberg told of how he took this famous picture of a Burrowing Owl as an opening to “Great Plains, America’s Lingering Wild”, a program we are watching this evening on net1. We have seen the program before, but it is so educational that we learn something new every time we see it. We have heard Forsberg speak on several occasions and admire his respect for Nature. He has been recorded saying that he never feels closer to God than when he is working with Nature. While I appreciate the atmosphere of   a Church Sanctuary with organ music, choir, hymn singing, scripture readings and a strong sermon, it blends well with what we learn and can see in Nature. My career with the Soil Conservation Service was largely based on the 24th Psalm, ”The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therein”. It is our stewardship responsibility to use the Lord’s Natural Resources on a sustainable basis and protect them for future generations. For some of us, the observation  of Nature and Wildlife demonstrates and confirms that which we are taught through Scripture. For me, it’s a case of one confirming the other rather than a matter of  “In Here (within a church) and Out There (daily life)”. 

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