Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kiwanis Newsletter

Here is the front page of the Kiwanis Club of Seward’s March 2015, 4 page Newsletter. While monthly newsletters in our club were taken for granted for many years, this is the first one published during the past few years. There were many reasons why, with the transition into the “digital age” being a major one.  Our Club has nearly 100 members with a good cross-section of ages. The younger ones are very comfortable getting information digitally but many of the older ones do not have the equipment nor interest in receiving it in that manner. The Kiwanis International Office in Indianapolis, IN has taken a lead and encouraged Clubs to utilize the digital facilities they provide to maintain membership rosters, committee structure and most administrative records. Individual Clubs can have their own web page within the overall system. It will be a great “Paper saver” when it becomes fully operational and accepted by the membership. Among the things that need to be done is for each Club to have a dedicated “web master” who has the authority to control the local Club information. When that becomes a reality, the local clubs can print out the appropriate information for those who wish to receive it as hard copy. 

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