Monday, March 30, 2015

Whatever in Hawaii

This was taken some years ago when Elaine and I were over in Hawaii. We had a great time visiting a cousin of mine and his family as well as friends from the Soil Conservation Service. Elaine has always been a good traveler and a great sport as demonstrated by the picture.  I must admit that I had seen this “recepticle” at the hotel where we were staying  and suggest she pose. I had the occasion of visiting the SCS Plant Materials Center located on the Island of Maui. Flying near the volcano on that island was an interesting sight. During my years with the SCS in the Washington, D.C. office, I had occasion to visit all 50 states except Alaska.  Elaine and I had a great 5-week camping trip to Alaska in our pick-up truck after retiring. Our compatibility was really tested during that experience when we hardly every got out of each others sight for 5 weeks. People may think they know their mates very well but they haven’t really tested their compatibility until they have such an experience. 

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