Friday, March 6, 2015

Garland Bank closed during the Depression

This is a picture of the old Garland State Bank that failed along with many Banks back in the early ’30’s. The picture was posted this morning on facebook indicating the Seward Independent staff being in Garland today working on a story about the building. The Kirkland's and others in the community have done a lot of work in restoring the building which we were able to tour after the GHS alumni reunion last June. The Independent asked for comments from anyone who might be able to add to their story. I emailed them with my memory of being in the building as a kid with my Dad and of his parents losing money when it was closed. August Beckman was the President of the Bank at that time and the butt of considerable criticism at the failure though it was caused by the economic times. I mentioned his grandson, the Rev. Doctor David Beckman President of Bread for the World who has PhD’s in Economics as well as Theology. He had a successful career with the World Bank prior to Bread for the World and I listed some of his relatives here in the area. I thought it might be possible to encompass something in their story about the world wide humanitarian work of David and how it might be considered  recompense for anything for which his Grandfather was “blamed". While the building is interesting, the story of the people involved  during its heyday, its failure, and restoration is even more fascinating. 

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