Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Health Reports

A technician came out from Bryan this morning and did an Echo cardiogram on me at our Seward Hospital with a machine that looked very much like this picture. He was able to confirm the murmur Dr. Summa had detected with a stethoscope. And,  the information he gathered will be reviewed by Cardiologist at Bryan and their analysis sent back to our family Doctor. It didn’t appear that there was any significant problem. It was an interesting procedure as he moved the probe to various locations on my chest. The sound was most impressive, even more so than the pictures on the screen. We will await the final, results but I’m very optimistic. 
Meanwhile, we were pleased to hear that Elaine’s brother Dale had an out-patient procedure at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN this afternoon to remove a “mass” from his lower small intestine. It had caused  internal bleeding that required 11 units of blood.  This procedure was all done with a probe through the mouth and throat. He is back home in Murfeesboro and the results of the analysis of the material removed will be forthcoming. 

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