Sunday, March 1, 2015

Elaine’s Brother Dale

Here is the same picture I put on a blog page this past Wednesday (2/25/15) after Elaine and I had gone near Lincoln to tell her brother Dale and his wife good-bye since they were moving to Tennessee. We were concerned with Dale’s appearance at the time but it appeared everything was set for the move. Dale and Marlene had been living with  Marlene’s daughter and her husband in east Lincoln since selling the old Flowerday house some months ago. The daughter, has been transferred to Murfeesboro, TN and her husband’s position enables him to live anywhere. Plans were for them to continue the living arrangement by moving to a lovely, large home on an acreage in the Murfesboro area. Elaine had expected to get the promised phone call from them as soon as they got settled, but this morning received a call from a relative in Texas who had word that Dale was in the hospital and the deal on the acreage had fallen through. She had the phone number of the room Dale was in and during this afternoon, Elaine was able to talk to him and others. It seems that Dale was very weak and after being taken to the Emergency Room, was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and was given 2 units of blood. He talked quite well on the phone and is optimistic of getting out of the hospital before long. Meanwhile, it seems that efforts are being made to find housing beyond the motel where they have been staying. We have had the opportunity to become acquainted with some of Marlene’s relatives in the process of their move and Dale’s problems and appreciate their friendship. They seem to understand the close relationship that exist between Elaine and Dale.

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