Sunday, March 8, 2015

Eastern trip in 2004

In addition to my Daily Journal and an annual summary of Highlights, I have written a “summry” each year as Chapters of my “Life Story”. I have missed a few years in getting the summary written and am now working on 2004. It was a very busy year in our lives and today I worked on an 11- day May trip that was planned around son Jon’s receiving a MA degree from George Washington University. Our first stop was in Columbus, IN, where we spent a couple days with Tim, Laura, Tony and Maggie. We drove on to Richmond, VA, where we did likewise with Verlon. Our schedule got us to Jon’s in the Burke area of Fairfax, VA, for his graduation and visit with Mary and daughters, Heather and Anna. 
While in Northern Virginia we also visited the home we sold before returning  to Nebraska.  We not only had a good visit with all the families along the way but toured points of interest at each place. We then went on up to Philadelphia where we saw the Phillies beat the Dodgers in the new Stadium, took a bus tour of the City and visited the Museum of Art. We did a lot of walking while in Washington, D.C. and I noted in my Journal that "this may be our last visit". But, we have been back a couple times since. 

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