Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Tim

Would you believe that this young man is celebrating a birthday today. No it’s not his 12th though he was 11 at the time this picture was taken some years ago. We had moved to the Washington, D.C. area about a year and a half earlier and were still living in the Fairlington apartments in South Arlington. It is a unique community built to accommodate Military Officer families during WWII and  still exists today as a privately owned community. There was an Elementary school within the development that Tim, his younger sister and brother attended. Tim went on to Gunston Jr. High where his older brother had attended. It included grades 7,8 and 9 and was where Tim reached the pinnacle of his basketball playing career. He has always been a good athlete but small for his age and young for his class because of having “skipped” an early grade. By the time he got to Wakefield HS the schools were integrated, and he contributed to the team by keeping “shot statistics”. He even received a “W” letter for his efforts. He continued his “statistics” activities as a student at Duke University and was very much a part of the team. Following  his magna cum laude graduation he worked for the Social Security Administration for a few years. He went on to graduate from Indiana Law School at Indianapolis and worked with an established law firm in Columbus, IN. After several years with the firm, he went out on his own as an LLC and takes pride in helping individuals receive their “just due”. He has been recognized by his peers for outstanding work. He has stayed close to athletic programs over the years as a game announcer. He continues to make his parents proud, and we enjoyed his phone call last evening. Happy Birthday Tim

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