Sunday, March 22, 2015

Girls then-Mothers now

We went to the Boy Scout Pancake breakfast at the Civic Center for brunch, worked in the yard for well over an hour, and watched a lot of basketball today. I’m able to do a bit of multi-tasking while watching games and my laptop is always handy. I also have a box of DVDs close by so I went through some old pictures while watching the games. This is Granddaughter Julie and neighborhood friend Corey, on our deck back in the early ’80’s. Julie spent a lot of “growing up” time with us while her Mother taught school, and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. She and Corey were great friends and had the excitement of being stung by wasps that had a nest under the deck. I don’t know what the occasion may have been when the picture was taken, but it appears that both girls were dressed for something special. This may have been after the wasp stings, and Julie was “armed” to  ward off any further attacks as only an Indian Princess could do.  

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