Monday, March 23, 2015

Conservation Meeting & John Denver

NET ran a wonderful program last week on the life of John Denver. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Elaine and I were both sure we had seen him somewhere, sometime in person where he sang many of the songs we enjoyed, but couldn’t remember where or when. As we pooled our memories, we felt we had been part of a very large crowd and, State Fair crept into the discussion. I was about to give up and accept Mark Twain’s adage that, “Some of the things I remember best, never happened”.  Then while looking for something else, I came across a reference to seeing John Denver at the Indiana Fairgrounds Coliseum in Louisville, KY on September 28, 1974. I checked my old Diary and found that Elaine and I were visiting son Tim who was working in Louisville at the time. We had been to a 5-day Soil Conservation Service Meeting in Lexington, KY and got over to visit Tim on Friday evening. We helped him with some things in his apartment and then went to the John Denver Concert on Saturday evening.  I estimated there were 16,000 people in attendance and that, “It was a good show”.  We flew back to D.C. the next day. The SCS meeting in Lexington that took us to Kentucky was an annual meeting involving the top official from each of the 50 states as well as the top staff from the Washington Office. I had a very intense week and had Elaine fly down during the week after getting Jon off to College. During the week we had Dinner at Spindletop Mansion and visited Claiborn Farms where we saw Secretariat, Riva Ridge and others.  The responsibilities of my job overshadowed my personal activities which evidently effected the memory of the Denver Concert. 

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