Friday, March 13, 2015

Accordion Jamboree at Heartland

We went up to the Heartland senior facility this afternoon and listened to Franklin Hronik and his group of musicians entertain the residents as well as some of us invited guest. Most of the group played button accordions but there were also tubas, a clarinet and drums. There was not a sheet of music in sight nor was there a program. Franklin had a microphone and would announce what they were going to play after some jovial discussion among the group. The young lady playing an accordion is the daughter of the fellow who organized the group several years ago leaving Franklin to take over. We typically hear them at our Seward County Fair and they play at various places. It is evident in watching them in this informal 
setting that the musicians probably enjoyed themselves more by getting together than the pleasure the audience receives. Hearing them play brings back the memories of my Dad playing many of the same old tunes. Franklin even dedicated their playing of “The Black Crow (Vrana)” to Elaine and I. I like the Czech pronunciation of “VRANA” which involves rolling the “R”. .

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