Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Irish Heritage

Guess what we had for supper. Yes, it was corned beef and cabbage along with a few carrots. I brought home the “groceries” for it this morning and didn’t get good corned beef at the local Deli counter. We assumed it was properly prepared but was sliced very thin. The cabbage and carrots came out great but the beef is very tough. It doesn’t look like the picture. I learned later that the dish didn’t come from Ireland but started by early immigrants. The brisket was the cheapest cut of meat and cabbage was always inexpensive, even today.  While our’s might not have been the best, it served the purpose of honoring my Irish  (Annie Turner Walker) Grandmother. Her parents Chris and Matilda (Robinson) Turner came to this country from Ireland; Christopher in 1851 and Matilda in 1858.  Chris fought in the Civil War with an Illinois Battalion  and came to Seward in 1873. He and Matilda were married in the Middle Creek School House in 1875. He worked as a bricklayer, farmer and raised a large family including my Grandmother. They are all buried here is Seward as are my parents, and we have our lot purchased and the tombstone in place. Having written all of this, I think I'll have another Guinness.

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