Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Beautiful Weather; Stormy Stock Market

Elaine and I had lunch with Brother Don and Gladys at the Chinese Restaurant and Mongolian Grill in Lincoln this noon. We had a good visit, ate our fill, and enjoyed the fortune cookies. After a bit of shopping we came home to continue enjoying the beautiful weather. This picture isn’t technically a “selfie” but I set the camera on a railing with a 10 second shutter delay. We wanted to show the Thermometer with the red arrow way over to 72. While the weather was nice, the stock market was the opposite. Our optimistic Grandson-in-law called just before the market closed and encouraged me to take advantage  of the “good time to buy”. Time will tell how it turns out. We have enjoyed the longest “bull market” in history and knew a correction was coming, but we just didn’t know when. We still don’t know if this is it or just a ‘blip” that will soon be offset. Meanwhile we enjoyed the sunshine and warm air. And, my fortune cookie said, “An unexpected event will soon make your life more exciting”. What more could an old man ask for"

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