Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jack and his Great Granddad

Jack came to visit this morning along with his sister Sadie and his Mother and Dad.  Today is his 4 month birthday and he changes significantly from week-to-week. He likes to set-up and makes cooing noises. Sadie brought her toy dog with her and helped Great Grandma make pie dough.  Sadie used it to make pretend cookies.  Sadie always loves Great Granddad’s tractors, and “borrowed” one to take home.  She will be back on Thursday morning while her Mother goes to Bible Study.  Jack was full of smiles. Carolyn stopped by too, after lunch. We always enjoy her visits and look forward to warmer weather when we can visit some gardens in Lincoln. It was another “below freezing” day with high temperatures in the low 20s. We got a light covering of snow today but hope it will melt off tomorrow before it gets colder  again and likelihood of more rain, sleet and snow early next week. Back in the earlier days when many farmers moved from farm to farm, March 1st was considered “moving day”. As a kid, it seemed like the weather was always bad that time of year. It often brought new kids to our country school. 

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  1. Cute pictures of you and Jack, he looks like he'll be a big boy! We had some rain showers today - hope for more tomorrow, not as much as we had hoped. Had a successful pancake breakfast fundraiser at Applebees this morning for Habitat.