Sunday, February 15, 2015

Paper Work, etc.

We spent much of the afternoon in our lower level family room doing “paper work” this afternoon as the temperature hovered around the 17 degrees. Elaine has continued to sort through “stuff” that has been in storage for years. She has a box of letters that her Mother had saved that were written by Elaine during our early days back in Washington, D.C. 40 years ago. We went to Church this morning and enjoyed our social hour visit with Alec, his Mother and little sister, Abbie. Alec is a senior in HS this year and Abbie is a freshman. He played golf with Charlie and I when he was in Jr.High and has matured into very well mannered young man. We also watched a lot of college basketball over the weekend. The game continues to  evolve. It’s a much different game than it was just a few years ago. The contact permitted has led to stronger and bigger players than we saw in the past. We watched Nebraska lose to Purdue this afternoon who has a freshman that is 7’2’’ and weighs 297 lbs. He runs the floor well but would seem to fit better with the football team. The role of the “post player” is as out of date as a Studebaker. 

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