Friday, February 27, 2015

Battle of Lookout Mountain

Dale Flowerday’s move this week from Lincoln to Woodbury, TN prompted us to do some checking on our trip through that area back in ’02. Here is a painting by James Walker of “The Battle of Lookout Mountain”. Mr. Walker actually witnessed the battle and sketched scenes to render this 13’ by 30’ painting. We saw the painting at the Point Park Visitor Center, Chickamunga-Chattanooga National Military Park when we were in the area. A tram runs up the mountain to the Point Park which overlooks the city of Chattanooga. Mr Walker finished the painting in 1874 which contains details of hundreds of Civil War soldiers and must have taken several gallons of paint to cover the 30 foot canvas.   Elaine and I visited the park on our way home from having seen baseball games in Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Miami. We need to get back to see the new ballpark in Miami since it is the only one of the current 30 Major League parks where I havne’t seen a game. I have been current on all 30 a couple times but they keep building new ones. 

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