Monday, February 16, 2015

SHS Coach Mark Cidlik

Coach Mark Cidlik presented the program for today’s Kiwanis meeting. His SHS Blue Jay Varsity basketball team is 18-4 with a 10-0 home court record. His squad includes 8 seniors and he says the whole squad is made up of exceptionally good kids. He went down the roster and had something good to say about every one.  The community support has been appreciated with the Seward fans  far out numbering the home team crowd at a recent Elkhorn game. It has been some 15 years since the Seward boys have been to the State tournament, but their chances this year look pretty good being in the top 5  class B teams in the state. He discussed the evolving nature of the game by telling of the importance of the weight and exercise facility. They even obstruct players with an elbow and shoulder as they go in for layups during practice because they know that will happen during the game and not necessarily called a foul. Teaching them to “take a charge” is a bit risky this near the end of the season when injuries could be critical. This is Coach Cidlik’s 4th year in Seward. He has told the team recently they were going to have a successful season even if they didn’t get to the State Tournament. 

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